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What's New

LedgeGrip Raven

For those that already own fixed stocks, such as the Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine or "Skeleton" style stocks.

LedgeGrip Falcon

Now updated to our Gen 2, ambidextrous version of our original grip. For A2 style stocks.

LedgeGrip Gen 2

An ambi-capable version of our original grip.

Ergonomic   -   Lightweight   -   Made in the USA

LedgeGrip Raptor

A Gen 2 LedgeGripwith enhanced finger grip for greater control.

The LedgeGrip™ Gen 2 keeps all of the great features and feel of the original and adds to it. No more Right or Left required, the Gen 2 offers an ambi-capable mounting. Allowing you to mount the thumb lug, on either side of the grip. Other minor refinements allow for an even better fit to your lower. For those that want a fully ambidextrous grip, our Ambi Hardware Kit allows just that, thumb lugs on each side of the grip.

The LedgeGrip™ Raptor is based on the Gen 2 design, so has those new features, as well as having a new finger step that allows your hand to "pull" itself into the grip. This improved grasp can help with control in one handed and tactical situations. With a blank cover included, the finger step can be swapped out for whichever style of grip the user prefers.


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