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Not sure which style buffer tube your rifle is equipped with?

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The LedgeGrip™ Gen 2 - AR10 is our basic grip, but now modified to fit DPMS pattern AR10 rifles. It has the same thumb support that will fit on either side of the grip and accepts the standard Ambi Hardware Kit as well. The grip is contoured to feel like the classic sweep of a traditional rifle, but allows for the fingers to hold onto it with the thumb support allowing for even greater control. The placement of the hand allows your finger to be more in line with the trigger, giving a smooth, confortable pull. This grip helps to make your rifle featureless by eliminating the pistol style grasp, and serves to lock or "fix" your adjustable stock.

The grip is designed to work with MilSpec, carbine length buffer tubes with many of the standard brands of telescoping stocks.

We are happy to work with any custom lengths you may have at no additional charge. Just email us.

Fits DPMS pattern AR10 rifles with collapsable stock.

Made of a lightweight, durable, UV resistant polymer.

Available in colors, Black, FDE, OD Green, Gray and Tan


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