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Review from Joel at Gun Guy TV
Customer Reviews

This the best California “featureless” device to date, hands down, no questions. You have very ergonomic grip combined with a method of locking the adjustable stock back. There is enough grip that you can easily hold the gun with one hand and with the angle of the LedgeGrip I was able to shoulder the gun faster than with the pistol grip because as I was gripping the gun as I would a conventional stock rifle or shotgun my shoulder was rotated out slightly with my elbow higher the result of which was that the buttpad of the stock dropped in the shoulder pocket without any adjustment. In addition to the fact that it looks way cooler than anything else on the market. The Guys at LedgeGrip gave me excellent service as well. 


Greg S.

I think that the LedgeGrip is the most effective ergonomic substitute for the pistol grip I’ve tried. I have tried 6 in total.

The thumb rest is in the perfect spot for me and offers excellent leverage. This feature along with its organic good design, makes it feels more like a regular rifle stock than others.

Gregory P

Assembly Videos Located Here
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